What we do

Right Road Finance offers car loans to the marginally credit impaired where essentially we select the applications that only just miss out being funded by the traditional lenders. We base our underwriting on the ‘capacity to pay’ and the ‘willingness to pay’.

We differ from our competitors in that we are focused on a narrow range of credit worthiness. We accept the top quintile of the impaired market and do not write loans at ‘rate for risk’.

Our Channel Partners

We prospect through a select group of reputable brokers and partners.

Our channel partners values are aligned with ours and our:

  • underwriting criteria is clear and concise
  • processing time is best practice
  • rate is fixed and not variable
  • fees and charges are fixed and easy to understand

Our Customers

Our customers are invariably people who have had a one-off circumstance and have fallen outside the tough credit reporting system or who fail to qualify due to the stringent criteria. Mainstream lenders will not service them.

Our successful applicants have been pre-vetted by our channel partners to ensure they are genuine buyers that meet our underwriting criteria. In the long term we help our customers restore their credit rating.

We lend money to the marginally credit impaired to purchase motor vehicles; via reasonably priced, quality product; delivering increased vehicle sales to our valued dealer network; while providing a secure commercial rate of return for our investors. We protect our investors against loss; maintain the integrity of the loan process; and treat our customers with dignity and respect.

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